Highest Quality Printing on EARTH
Bring us your :
  • SD Card
  • Flash Drive
  • Paper Photos
(Paper photos must be 8.5x11" or smaller)

And we'll give you back FINE ART
Printing is done with 100year, museum quality ink, on your choice of high quality photo paper,
textured watercolor paper, or canvas.

Expert PhotoShop enhancement to fix flaws, brighten, or warm any photo.
Even old paper
photos can be enlarged and color enhanced or restored.

Size Your Photo - S
tandard framing sizes or poster sized.
Let us know what you want to do and we'll help you!

All prints are
UV protected and will never fade, even in direct sunlight.

Your NEW photo can be ready in an hour. Canvas stretching can be ready i
n 3 business days.
Enhancing / Restoring: Making old Memories New!

We start by scanning your original photo in a very high resolution. Then we are able to enhance, restore and resize
this digital image. We print your new image using our archival photo paper and ink, so it will never fade again. We can
make your photo a standard size, for inexpensive framing, make extra prints for family members, even send you an
image for e-mailing or facebook.

The price of restoring depends on the condition and type of restoration needed. Then you choose a size, and pay for
the prints you want. Resizing after restoration is done is FREE.

So it's easy to share with the whole family!

Restore Level I - resize, sharpen black & whites, minor spots - $15
Restore Level II - same as level I + recoloring, most spotting, overall enhancment - $25
Restore Level III - fix rips, folds, taking objects out, major spots, major color - $35

Print Pricing:
By the sheet - 13x19 sheet is $8, and will render:
           (1) 11x14 std size print           (4) 5x7's
           (2) 8x10's                               (6) 4x6's

       You can mix sizes as well - ex. (1) 8x10 and (2) 5x7's. Still only $8 for all.
Sizes larger than 13x19 are $4 per perimeter foot.

Giclee Artwork Reproduction
We are able to digitally copy your original painting, and reproduce with color as vibrant as the ORIGINAL.

The Process:
                        Your original artwork is digitally copied. We take the digital image and work
                        closely with the original to verify color, depth, contrast and lighting to ensure
                        an exact reproduction. We proof on a heavyweight photo matte paper and
                        approve the proof to the artist's specifications. The artist will then choose the
                        media type and sizing. You get your FULL SIZE proof is FREE!

                        Canvas prints are coated with a light, hand brushed UV sealant

                        There is NO minimum print order quantity! We will print them as you need them,
                        saving you up-front costs.


Set up fee is $100. Your full size proof on photo matte paper is free! Then you only pay normal photo print prices.

We ship via UPS, so we can deliver our service anywhere in the United States!  

                          Finish your new print with our FRAMES and SAVE EVEN MORE!
We Restore Photos!
Bring Old Memories and Family Heirlooms Back to Life
Original 3x5 Photo
Restored and Enlarged to 8x10
original 4x6 paper photo
NEW 20x24 Canvas
Canvas Photo Printing is Our Specialty
and we make it easy at CarolinaCanvas.com
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